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“To hold the heart of the one you love”



“To hold the heart of the one you love”

Being an artist and also a mother who has lost a child has helped bring me to this place in my life and to this web site.

When I was approached at my first art show by a woman who told me that she loved my beautiful boxes and she hoped I would not be offended, but she was considering using one of my boxes as an urn to hold the remains of her mother who had recently passed away. I told her I was not offended, but I was surprised. I’d created my boxes as a piece of art.

I did not think too much about that encounter until I was approached several different times at several different shows by people with similar comments. This led me to relive the things we went though with our sons’ death and cremation. I remember the choices we had to make during this difficult time. It was only then that I realized there truly is a need for a different type of urn. One that is not only utilitarian, but artistic.

I did not start doing stained glass until years after my sons’ death and cremation but this chain of events has brought me full circle. Hopefully, my designs of textured stained glass boxes will fill that niche not only in your home but in your heart and the heart of those you love.

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